Our mission

Our mission is to encourage creativity. We do this mainly in three ways:


We want to encourage all publics to be creative through:

  • Mediations and games aimed particularly at young people and publics in need of integration
  • Guided tours of Varagnes

Emphasis is placed on the importance of scientific and artistic culture and societal vision in the creative process.


We invite all audiences to engage in:

  • the creative process of researchers and artists in residence at Varagnes
  • training, exhibitions and other events. With the support of a network of qualified individuals and institutions.

The valorization of Varagnes’ material and immaterial heritage through digital means is an important tool

ENhancing Varagnes heritage

Enhancing the tangible and intangible heritage of Varagnes is done in two ways:
– adapting the buildings to carry on the missions described above
– digitalizing Varagnes collections and making them accessible to the public as well as offering links to other sources of information and to other stakeholders, encouraging dialogue with a chatbot, using AI, offering digital games to younger generations.