We want to incite our visitors to creativity through guided tours of Varagnes and activities that help them develop their own creativity. 

Emphasis is placed on the importance of scientific and artistic culture and societal vision in the creative process. 

The digital valorization of Varagnes’ heritage is a precious ally. 

All these activities are developed with the support of a network of qualified individuals and institutions. 

Visits of Varagnes

The tours are in-person, virtual, or “poetic.” 

Developing one’s creativity

Interested audiences can develop their creativity by participating in: 

– the creative process of researchers and artists in residence at Varagnes 

– conferences, exhibitions, and other events 

Mediation activities are also organized for young people and audiences in need of support. 

We will also develop soon games available on this web site.  

If you (public, researchers or artists) are interested by these activities, see the upcoming events under the chapter “events”